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The much awaited VIP KYRSO RETREATS have arrived, I am over the moon to be announcing the launch of our KRYSO RETREAT'S. KRYSO in Greek means gold, KRYSO is my Master level healing, or as it has become to be known the Golden Alchemy of the Soul. These VIP events will be held at sacred portal sights that I have been guided to by the Ascended Masters, 2024 will be taking us to Talum Mexico at the spectacular Diamanté K Hotel, The KRYSO RETREATS will be tailor made to each individual, to attend to become a Golden Oracle Priestess level one and two, within a one week period, or for those looking to experience a deep dive into their personal healing journey through soul alchemy, soul retrieval, to clear past life trauma, to heal soul wounds and fragmentation, through the Christos Sophia KRYSO healing, birthing the connection to the higher self and the opening of the way, to receive the gift of the wisdom pearls of Sophia the Divine Feminine Christ.


Please sign up for upcoming dates and packages available, you can attend as a golden oracle priestess have full access's to the VIP EVENTS, working and learning alone side me through the week, and leave qualified and certified to level one and two, Every One who attends will leave qualified to level One Sons and Daughters of Love, the week will include Sunrise prayer and mediation, massage and body work, intensive daily master level golden healing, soul retrieval alchemy, past life readings, fire release and forgiveness work, water cleansing ritual baptism, soul expression through music, dance, art and creative writing, sound healing and a Goddess photo shoot to celebrate the journey of rebirth and soul alchemy.

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