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Again She Speaks

The Ancient voice of the Delphic Oracle has retuned, her wisdom no longer lost to the sands of time, as the sacred feminine rises, the temple is being restored, the crown is being reclaimed, the healing is being embraced across each and every land, let Her voice lead to the kingdom within.

Again She Speaks, was my first Golden Oracle Deck, it was created and inspired by the visual's I received during my extensive personal healing's and past life client readings, I began to realise the decks I was using just didn't cover the scope of what was being discovered, so Again She Speaks was born into a labour of love, She being the Oracle, after many many lifetimes of being silenced has awoken from her long slumber and burst back into life bringing Her Divine Wisdom and Gnosis to those who were seeking deeper meaning of their souls journey, during my healing work with the Most High, the Holy Spirit and the Angels and Ascended Masters I am blessed to be able to see the souls journey of the seeker, these visions help me understand the blocks, or stuck emotions they may be holding from past or current lives, once the healing is complete we ask for these visions to be explained and clarified in picture form so both the Oracle and the Seeker can receive the divine wisdom and clarity they need to bring about greater understanding of what has been released and healed during the healing session, and to create a guided plan moving forward to make the most of the divine insight and guidance received. The deck can be used in many ways, during the follow up after a healing, or in an Oracle card reading to guide as to what healing work is needed, it also has Divine Feminine Archetypes that embody sacred messages of healing, empowerment, sacred wisdom to help each and everyone bloom into their fullest divine expression, in readiness for the next Golden Age of humanity. Each Sacred Archetype has an accompanying jewellery collection, monthly guidance, healings and activations.

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