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The Full Story

The journey of how Indigo Sacred Creations was born, is a story of how God gifted me a very special soul who turned my world upside down but open my eyes for the better. I have been blessed with two incredible boys but it was my second adventure as a divine portal for life to entre this realm, that catapulted me into the resurgence of my roll as a Master Healer, Golden Oracle, Keeper of the Sacred Atlantean Wisdom and High Priestess of the Christ Flame, my earth angel Harry and his love of crystal's, and the Angelic beings he could see and commune with, lead me down a path of deeper connection to God, mastering various healing techniques and receiving divine messages, so I could understand my reason for being here and how best to help this little earth angel that choose me to be his Mama, it became a co-creative process which was a much needed outlet during the worst of our autism moments, birthing my sacred creations in and off itself was healing us both and the path of discovering the angelic love and protection that was holding us daily was Gods love and promise of healing, no matter how dire the circumstances may have seen, we held onto hope that Harry would heal, and that hope and faith paid off, sometimes we can forget the divinity that is within and all around. The first creations were made and donated to raise money for special needs children like Harry, I had become healer to help him overcome the mountains that we faced on a daily basis, but in truth he was saving me, by correcting my path, the more I grew as a healer, I started to infuse my  healing and the sacred prayers into the creations and to bless those who crossed my path and Indigo Sacred Creations was born, all my collections are inspired by the visions I receive during my healing work, and soon i was guided to create the Golden Oracle Priestess healing modality and teachings, so I could empower other Sacred Sisters to become their own healers and oracles, remembering all of the wisdom and divine gifts of the Holy Spirit that we have carried from life time to life time. I developed my first Golden Oracle Priestess Devotional Deck with Divine Feminine archetypes in honour of the beautiful souls I have had the pleasure of teaching, each Golden Oracle Priestess is gifted back her priestess name and has her own jewellery collection, Oracle mist, and a sacred oracle card message of healing and empowerment, honouring the rise of the divine feminine Christ, allowing the blooming of the sacred Magdalene heart, the Sacred Rose Oracle to once again be seen, felt and received for all She is, my Sacred Indigo Creations are infused with Sophianic Light codes, anointed and blessed in the name of The Creator, The Luminous Light, The Christ and His beautiful Bride Holy Sophia, it is my great pleasure to intuitively guide, teach, heal and adorn sacred souls across the planet as I truly honour what God destined me to become, ALL honour eternally to my Holy Family and The Most High GOD, it is with tremendous gratitude and thanks to you all for being my companies as we walk each other home as the True Children of Light in grace and love​thank you for reading our story KA MERA 

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The mission to hold fast in the love of God, and infuse sacredness into every thought, word ,action and deed.

Allowing my creative gifts to flow and bless the world around me, be it in the form of a healing, a sacred creation, a circle of souls coming together in love, patience and understanding, a soul expression through writing or art, may it all be seen by God as a living prayer that makes heaven smile

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This is a sacred vision of a golden earth, were love is the most cherished goal, were all falsehoods have been stripped away and each and every precious soul is valued and honoured, loved and respected.

The vision is of a world where the words

" Father Forgive Them, for they know not what they do "

are never needed again, a world of golden oneness,

one humanity, one love, one GOD

The Kingdom is Within

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