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Welcome to The Golden Oracle Priestess healing modality, Golden stands for the golden Christ energy that we heal with, Oracle represents the Oracles' gifts that are God given that are used during the healing sessions to see the soul journey of the seeker and receive visions of past life trauma or soul wounding that is in need of healing, the Priestess represents the path of devotion the Oracle Priestess chooses willing to take up, as she steps into a roll of service upon the Golden Ray of God, this is the Golden Christ Energy of unconditional love and Christ consciousness, the Golden Oracle Priestess then becomes a golden vessel for Gods golden light, love and healing to flow through, working closely with the Angelic Hosts and  Ascended Masters, The Keepers of the Sacred Tree fold Flame to transmute all lower vibrational energies, entities or frequencies into the precious gold of the soul. Each healing is multy layered beginning with a full cord cutting, Divine Sophia Waterfall Cleanse, Sacred Flames Clearing, Fire of Heaven Chakra Clearing and balancing and a Gold Star Merkabah Activation, follow by the chosen package be it Golden Healing & Past life reading or Golden Soul Retrieval etc.

Golden Healing & Past Life Reading - £222

This is my most popular service, it is offering a full clearing, healing, sacred activation as well as a full Oracle reading, follow up, to dive deeper into the meaning of the visuals that were seen during the healing session, be it past or present life, the guidance that comes through help to integrate the healing and gifts you the understanding and self awareness that is need to maximizes the session, understanding our past and the soul contracts and dynamic's that are still playing out, be it karma to be balanced, fears to be removed and over come, or a sacred contract to be honoured, the insight is needed before correct action can be taken towrads the path of self mastery and ascention

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Golden Oracle Reading - £111

This is an open reading, we shall begin with a cord cutting and clearing guided by your higher self and angelic guides, then we allow general guidance to come through for all areas, be it guidance to help you identify what no longer is in alignment with your life's purpose, what is required to help you fully embody your best self and help you step into your souls mission, or you can chose which area you would like the focus to be in, either heathy, wealth, love and romance, and then we shall get advice about what karmic contracts need release through forgiveness work in order to implement what has been received ,moving forward

Golden Soul Retrieval £144

The most sacred session I offer, this is master level healing, soul surgery, it is healing is done with Yesuha, Saint Germain, Archangel Michael as the Alpha Trinity, and Holy Sophia, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene as the Omega Trinity in the Celestial realm of Holy Sophia, it is the calling back of all the lost, damaged and fragmented aspect of the soul, throughout past and present lifetimes. When soul fragmentation accrues through sudden loss of life, violent passing, or mental or physical abuse, the soul can shatter losing the fragments to the sands of time, calling them back heals the soul wound and removes the danger of soul being left open, allowing negative attachments and or spirits a door way for infiltration, this healing is stand alone healing, it dose not include an Oracle follow up.

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Golden Oracle Reset - £444

The Golden Oracle Reset is a week of distant healing for focused clearing, we begin with a deep dive healing and full reading, then over the next 6 days there is daily healing, and on the final day we finishes with another Oracle reading to close down the week of intensive healing that resets everything back to the original souls blue print, it is 7 healings back to back, designed for deep purging, clearing and and transformative reset. 

Golden Healing Experience - £444

This is a multy layered session in which we go through the full spectrum of my healing abilities, which includes: 

  • Full cord cutting

  • Divine waterfall cleanse

  • Sacred Flame Clearing with the Ascended Masters 

  • Fire of Heaven Chakra activation

  • Golden Oracle Healing

  • Past life Oracle reading 

  • Custom Sacred Indigo Creation

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Golden Trinity Package £333

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