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Golden Oracle Priestess




8 Weeks


About the Course

The Golden Oracle Priestess Course

This is a journey of deep soul remembrance, a journey into the inner bridal chamber of the sacred heart, where the spark of Holy Sophia lies dormant awaiting the moment of divine revelation and re-connection to the Holy I AM PRESENCE, this spark was placed within you at the conception of your soul, hidden long ago awaiting the moment your soul would hear the calling of the Priestess path once again, awaiting the moment you would say yes to the sacred heart and sisterhood of the Wisdom Oracles.

As we enter into the deeper truths of the Heart, we shall begin the inner journey of remembrance, the journey of reclaiming our innate power and sovereignty. As daughters of Love, Daughters of The Alpha & Omega, we shall step Boldy onto the path of devotion, honouring the divine by taking up the mantle of service by becoming sisters of the golden rose, Oracle Priestess of the Christ Flame.

The intention of this creation was to offer a healing course of learning covering everything required to work with, activate and hone your spiritual gifts safely and in accordance with the law of One. My vision is one where every signal female has a sacred feminine activation, becoming her own guru, healer, oracle and guide. Embracing sovereignty and sisterhood, for as one rises we all rise. Understanding how to work with energy, how to clear and activate, how to heal in combination with the God given Oracle gifts of prophecy, clear sight, clear audience, seeing, sensing and knowing, being able to see the souls journey and understand past life traumas and soul contracts, removing and clearing these energetic blockages, as well as then going to the cards for deeper understanding and guidance for the seeker moving forward. Weather you chose to take your new skill set into a fulltime profession as a certified Golden Oracle Priestess, Wisdom Oracle or you keep your new skills for personal use, friends and family. A new skill and sense of divine empowerment you shall have, through the mystical initiations, attunments and sacred teachings, you shall be well equipped to take complete control over your energy maintenance and spiritual hygiene, and divine protection. The greatest gift of all is the opening of the way, becoming a divine vessel for Gods Golden Light to flow through, so you may know yourself to be more then mortal and allow yourself to bloom into your fullest divine expression of your HOLY I AM PRESENCE

Your Instructor


Creator and founder of the Golden Oracle Priestess Healing Modality, Teaching, Oracle Cards Decks and Mystery School, Karen is a Master Healer, Seer, Oracle Priestess of the Christ Flame, teacher and guide. Her roll is to be a Divine Vessel in services to God, Alpha & Omega, to embody and activate rise of Sacred Feminine in readiness for the next golden age of humanity.

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