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About the Course

The course will include the following

Golden Reset

This is a cord cutting, clearing away unwanted energies, working the sacred flames and bring you into a place ready to receive the attunment to the Golden Healing energy

Golden Trinity Techniques

This is the basis of Spiritual law, energy management and clearing techniques and spiritual divine protection, the transmutation of everything not of The Creator, The Christos, and The Luminous Golden Light of Alpha & Omega.

Golden Angels

This is a introduction to the Golden Angels of the Earthly Mother, understanding their roll, and how they can help guide and protect us as we walk the path of devotion.

Golden Chakras & The Aura

This is an introduction to the 15 golden chakra system, their rolls and functions, how to identify if they are too open or too closed, how to self diagnose your own blockages through understanding the human traits, and the behaviour's we demonstrate when our energy or life force is hindered from flowing freely. Understanding what your aura is, spiritual hygiene, auric protection and incite on aura field management.

Golden Elements & The Etheric Bodies

This is an introduction into the elements, what they are, how they can effect us and how we can balance them, through spiritual cleansing and grounding techniques. Understanding what the etheric bodies are, working through each layer, understanding their reason and purpose.

Golden Sacred Flame work

This is an introduction into working the Holy Spirit, the sacred flames, who the Keepers of the Sacred flames are, who the Ascended Masters are, what their roll is, the promise they made to assist humanity, and the glorious gift that was given by Saint Germain, to help us heal, clear and transmute our karmic debt, to help us ascend back to our original estate, the is were we learn to alchemise energy through the science of the spoken work.

Golden Holy Sophia

This is an introduction into Holy Sophia, The Holy O, The Holy Omega, the divine feminine principle of the God Head, you will learn to cleanse your head, body, mind and soul, using the Divine Sophia Waterfall Cleanse, using the golden oracle mist, to wash away anything that would hinder the souls journey.

Golden Star Merkabah Activation & Spiritual Protection

This is the calling down of the Golden Amitra, The Christ oil, The anointing of the Beloved ABBA, understanding the great love that we were born from and shall return too. Placing the supreme protection of the Holy Father around us, working the Golden Star Merkabah, to active, the sacred feminine and masculine within, as above so below.

Golden Healing Energy of Christ Sophia.

This is an introduction into working and healing with the golden healing energy, this energy is brought from the Great Central sun, it is the Christ light, that is called down from Helios & Vesta, infused with golden diamond sun codes, and called down through the golden throne room of the Alpha & Omega, you will receive an attunment to this energy, so you may begin to heal yourself, as you walk the path of devotion and ascension.

Your Instructor


Karen Marie

Karen is the creator and founder of the Golden Oracle Priestess Healing modality and Wisdom Oracle Mystery School, her roll is to empower souls into divine sovereignty and guide them along the path of remembrance, by awakening the inner wisdom, and allowing you to become your own, healer, oracle and guide. Through the sacred rites of activating the connection to The Alpha & Omega, Christ & Holy Sophia, Holy Spirit, we shall re-establish the connection to the Holy I AM PRESENCE through the opening of the way. Karen will guide you through her own personal spiritual practices, ensuring that you learn the basics of spiritual law, before embarking on the path of remembrance, self healing and ascension.

This level one will give you the tools to begin to works with and understand energy, cutting cord and clearing unwanted energies, learn to work with the Violet Flame and Saint Germain, learn to work with Holy Sophia through the sacred rites of purification, learning to work with the Beloved ABBA, and the pouring of the sacred Christ Nectar, to heal, clear and balance the chakras, to activate the Golden Star Merkabah, for supreme spiritual protection from our Divine Father. Then learning to heal using the Golden Healing Energy of Christ Sophia, this will be given to you over a weekend from Friday evening to Sunday evening in person course, you will then have 21 days of daily sacred flame work to do as study and self healing moving forward.
You will receive a Celestial Light Mediation Crown, an Oracle Priestess Golden Head Scarf as part of the price, plus 3 months entre into the Wisdom Oracle Mystery School.

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