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Master Level Golden Oracle Priestess






About the Course



I welcome you to this very sacred journey of Master level healing, the sacred journey of entering the inner circle, by now you have walked the path of devotion, you have dedicated yourself to being a golden vessel in use for the Holy Alpha & Omega, you have activated your higher self through the opening of the way, and embraced the kingdom within, you have allowed yourself to embrace the healer, oracle and priestess within you by allowing the Golden Healing Energy of Christ Sophia, to flow through you offering healing, and unconditional love to those around you, you have practiced your skill set and held healing groups of your own, this is a must that was set by the ascended masters to show the heart of the helper, before being allowed into the deep mysteries of the Holy of Holies.

Now it is time to step into master level healing by learning to work more closely with the Archangels and Ascended Masters, learning about the deeper truths of spiritual laws of MAAT, learning to call down the Golden Diamond SUN frequencies through the master level KRYSO HEALING ENERGY, learning to work with the Great White Brotherhood, learning to work with Karmic board, The Cosmic Christ and quantum healing.

Learning to do deeper healing work through inner alchemy, and to preform KRYSO SOUL ALCHEMY, soul retrieval, sacred circle facilitating and Divine union couple healing, learning to do Goddess anointings and blessings. Learning to embody the High Priestess roll of integrity and wisdom,

Your Instructor


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