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Mexico Golden Oracle Priestess





About the Course

I invite you to be part of the first group of Golden Oracles Priestess to meet me in a sacred location in the Rivera Mya, I have been traveling to this sacred land over the last year in readiness for this upcoming event, I am inviting a small group of students to shadow me and learn through hands on healing experience, instead of the distant online course over 8 weeks, you will join me for an intensive one week of sacred learning and walk away a certified Golden Oracle Priestess level one & two. You will have access to the full 8 week online course, which you can go through in your own time if you feel it is needed.

We shall begin with the coming together at sunset for sacred forgiveness ceremony to release all that no longer serves of the old self through a fire release ceremony. follow by the Sacred Golden Oracle priestess initiation. We shall then embark upon candle light journey of remembrance, under the night sky as we embody the ancient Essen rites of baptism, were we die to the old self and are born anew in readiness to receive the attunment to the Golden Energy of Christ Sophia.

Every day will be a mixed program, from sunrise prayers and mediation, to learning the golden oracle teaching and healing techniques, the course will cover the following.

  • Golden Oracle Priestess - Teachings

  • Golden Alpha & Omega Activations

  • Golden Trinity of Spiritual Protection

  • Golden Charkas & The Aura

  • Golden Angels of the Earthly Mother & The Elements

  • Golden Star Merkabah Activations

  • Golden sealing of the Sacred Heart

  • Golden hands on Healing

  • Golden distant Healing

  • Golden Group Healing

  • Golden Oracle Reading

  • Golden dream interpretation

  • Golden Prophecies & becoming a Seer

  • Golden Oracle Mist & Crism Oil

  • Golden Sacred Space

  • Golden use of crystals, sound, and other spiritual tools

I believe it is far better to teach in person, so you can come together as a group, practice with other brothers and sisters of the Christ Light, You can also shadow me and watch as I work hands on, visual learning and being able to have your questions answered on the spot is key to jumping into your gifts, and having the confidence to begin the journey of reembodying the healer and oracle within. The online 8 week material will be there for you to revisit if needed after the one week in person, we will also be visiting the Island of Holbox for a 3 day optional, integration relax and reset to end our magical adventure.

The retreat will be available as two different offerings, one being the student who wants to become a Golden Oracle Priestess, and also for those wanting to receive the healing, this will be extended to my invite only VIP healing clients who want to be part of the healing experience of KRYSO SOUL ALCHEMY. The retreat will be focused on healing soul wounds and reclaiming lost fragments, soul alchemy and divine expression. We will have sunrise prayers and meditation, yoga, sound healing, sacred circles at sunset, creative art expression, dance and movement, traditional caca ceremony, every day will hold a variety of experience's plus free time to relax and enjoy all the beauty Mexico has to offer.

I am currently working with the hotel to secure group bookings students will be able to share with 4 in a room, 2 in a room and solo guest, prices will vary, each student will receive there Golden Oracle Kit, incukded in the price.

Your Instructor


Karen Marie

Is the creator and founder of the Golden Oracle Priestess healing modality, oracle card decks and teachings. She is a Master Healer, Wisdom Oracle, past life intuitive, writer and spiritual teacher, her roll is to honour the rise of the sacred feminine to usher in the next golden age upon the planet. Karen is an Atlantean & Egyptian High Priestess of the Christ Flame, and keeper of the sacred wisdom codes.

Karen teaches the lost teachings of Yesuha & Mary Magdalene, honouring the Alpha & Omega, through working closely with the Archangels & Ascended Masters, Holding the office of the Christ, upholding the sacred laws of MAAT-EN and honouring the Law of One.

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