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Daughter of LOVE Dairies

Hello and welcome to my first blog post, let me introduce myself. I AM KA MERA, otherwise known as Karen Marie, self proclaimed Daughter of LOVE, High Priestess of the Christ Flame, Golden Oracle, Divine Vessel of Gods Golden Light, Master Healer, teacher and creator of sacred crystal creations, oracle cards decks and mama to two glorious divine souls. I have taken up the mantle of Daughter of LOVE, as my primary roll, in services to my beloved ABBA, my goal in this life is to embody LOVE, in every thought, word, action and deed. As I follow in the footsteps of my Holy Family, the True Children of LIGHT, I am here to help guide, heal, anoint and bless in any way I can, as we are a species with amnesia, who are currently awakening from our long slumber, you might say the cosmic alarm bell has been indeed sounded, the mantra being shouted from the heavens is " enough playing small, its time to remember divine beings, the Kingdom is within. Yes indeed the dawning of the next golden age of humanity is upon us and weather we like it or not our light is needed, now more then ever... why...because darkness has been overcome in upper world, its just a matter of it energetically trickling down to cleanse and restore our Earthly Mother, for She is like a wet dog ready to shake the flees and the parasites off her back once and for all, it is time to prepare to live in a world where peace reins supreme and life is truly golden, I guess that could look very different to everyone, and this is beauty of living the golden life, it is and shall be unique for each soul, perfect according to the grace of God, for we are Gods gold, the bright and shining morning stars, the first fruits, each one equal, valuable, precious, real, raw, authigenic, and loved beyond our wildest dreams, our divine inherence awaits us in abundance, plenty for everyone, now we must choose to embody that golden life ,and heal all illusions of lack and separation, its time to build together to anchor in that frequency of gratitude as our cup runneth over, because our golden promise land of milk an honey already exists, the question is are we ready to receive it, as you step into 2024 God wants you to hold out your arms and open your heart, get ready for the gold in all of forms, so for now it is me, wishing you all so much happiness, laughter, peace and blessings.

Daughter of LOVE


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